About Us


SHEPPSolutions is led by Adam Shepperdley, the creator and owner. We are a Toronto based design team that formed in 2018. The team consists of Terrence and Abdul who are Industrial Designers that work for his Design Consultancy business called SHEPP iD.

Our mission is to develop tools that perform one task as efficiently as possible; we strive to find solutions to everyday problems. 

Adam Shepperdley - Director

Adam is a passionate Professional Industrial Designer with strong roots in the Design Community. His love for surfing and simple sustainable design sparked the birth of SHEPPSolutions. He is focused on building the business in a creative atmosphere with a small group of talented team members.  


Terrence Li - Industrial Designer

A fascinated designer since childhood. Terrence is passionate to design with a focus on user experience along with an understanding of human empathy and emotion.

With a degree in Industrial Design and 9 years of experience in retail UX platforms, contract furniture, and medical devices, Terrence continues to build his skills as an ACIDO accredited professional Industrial Designer. He is also leading the team in becoming exceptional climbers.  

Abdul Kauchali - Junior Designer / Photographer

A recent Industrial Design Graduate from Humber College. Abdul enjoys experimenting and iterating designs with a focus on developing novel solutions. Outside of his work, Abdul can be found working on cars & motorcycles, sketching, or enjoying the great outdoors.


Eugenia - Sales and Marketing

Eugenia has a background specializing in Jewelry Design and working in sales and marketing. Eugenia enjoys experimenting with new techniques and developing new concepts that ground the work. Outside of her work, Eugenia spends her time learning about what's new, trying to learn languages and cooking. 

Adriane - Design Intern

Adriane is an Industrial Design student whose passion for design stems from a constant curiosity to understand how processes and products work, enabling her to create well rounded solutions. Outside of work, Adriane spends her time relaxing in the sun, cooking, or exploring her surroundings.  

Moriah - Design Intern

Moriah is an open and passionate student of Industrial Design who focuses on human interaction and the beauty of products. Her enthusiasm and dedication for her design projects aim to create meaningful experiences for others. Outside of work she spends her time rock climbing, travelling and adventuring with her dog, Zappa.