Will my order be delayed?

During these uncertain times we hope everyone is staying safe. We have reduced our weekly shipments to 2x per week. Tuesdays and Fridays. Our goal is to continue to provide you with your orders, while we abide by government regulations, and package shipments as safely as possible.

Please note, your order will be shipped on the following Tuesday or Friday from when you place your order. Please expect a couple of days delay due to COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the preventative measures you are taking at your packaging facility?

We are following social distancing regulations and handling all merchandise wearing appropriate PPE. (personal protective equipment)

I need to change my delivery address!

Please email info@sheppsolutions.com with your address update.


I don’t know which hanger will fit my board ... How can I figure out the best option for me?

No worries mate! Here’s a short quiz to find out which is the best GNARWALL hook for you.

CLICK ON ME to head to the quiz

Where are the SheppSolutions products manufactured?

We are based in Toronto, Ontario Canada. All wood parts are made in our factory. We are diligently working on creating new solutions for your needs! Our design studio is above our manufacturing facility, here we design, manufacture, quality control, package and ship our products directly to you. 

What are the materials used to make the GNARWALL Hooks and Wall Hanger?

All of our wooden parts are made from top grade RUSSIAN Baltic Birch Plywood. This is a sustainable and biodegradable material. Our plastic wall hanger is made from Recyclable ABS. It is 100% recyclable.

Are your materials sustainable sourced and made? How sustainable are your products?

We pride ourselves on the sustainability of our products.

Russian Baltic Birch has Little Environmental Impact. Birch trees are an abundant and fast growing species that cause little devastation or destruction of biodiversity when cut down. Birch plywood is a sustainable, long term choice that has little impact on our global environment.

 ABS Plastic wall hanger parts are 100% recyclable although we hope that you will re-use these parts to continuously hang your boards as they are designed to last a lifetime.

Even better if you are looking for a FUN DIY project for the weekend, our ABS anchors are fully paintable! You can create your very own personalized masterpiece and don't forget to show us too! Tag us on our instagram @sheppsolutions